đŸŠēChaincrib Architecture

The Chaincrib architecture is comprised of the following components

1. Decentralized App (DApp):

  • Description: This is the front-end through which users interact with Chaincrib. It is a user-friendly, intuitive, and secure web portal that interacts directly with the cardano blockchain.

  • Components: Web pages for property browsing, investment dashboards, transaction interfaces, user account management, etc.

2. Blockchain (Cardano):

  • Description: The core of Chaincrib's operations, where real estate assets are tokenized and transactions are executed and recorded.

  • Components: Token minting modules for property tokenization, and blockchain ledger for recording transactions.

3. Real Estate Asset IPFS Database:

  • Description: A secure interplanetary file system database storing details about the real estate assets available for investment on Chaincrib.

  • Components: Property listings, ownership details, valuation records, and historical transaction data.

4. Minting Engine / Payment Gateway:

  • Description: Facilitates financial transactions, allowing users to invest in properties using ADA.

  • Components: Cardano wallets integration, Minting engine APIs for minting the tokenized assets, and transaction processing modules.

  • Description: A dashboard used to ensure all transactions and operations comply with relevant laws and regulations.

  • Components: KYC/AML verification systems, legal compliance checklists, and reporting tools.

6. Rental Income Distribution System:

  • Description: Manages the distribution of rental income to token holders.

  • Components: Income calculation algorithms, distribution schedulers, and wallet integration for payouts.

7. Security Infrastructure:

  • Description: Protects the platform from cyber threats and ensures data integrity and privacy.

  • Components: Encryption tools, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and regular security audits.

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